Communities and Utilities

Valuable Local Energy Storage Systems

Safely Integrated with Utility  Infrastructure

Community and Utility Partners

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) benefit local communities and electrical utilities by delivering  grid services at critical locations. 

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) provide a wide range of valuable grid services including frequency regulation, local capacity, peak shifting, real-time power, and resiliency.  

CPG develops and builds energy storage systems that are seamlessly integrated with the utility’s operations. The ESS utilize industry standard security protocols that ensure the utility can monitor and safely control the charge and discharge of the battery and provide dispatchability to the grid operator.  

CPG works with local governmental agencies to ensure that our systems are engineered and constructed to exacting utility standards. Modern Energy Storage Systems are safe, reliable and highly secure. 

Communities, local utilities and municipalities can all benedfit from Energy  Storage Systems, regardless of the ownership structure. ESS provide improved grid stability and efficiency to all grid participants including local businesses, renters, and low income communities. 

Local Resiliency

Communities with Energy Storage Systems are better prepared in the event of natural disasters, storm damage and grid outages. Utility Scale Front of Meter (FOM) ESS provides greater benefit to a broader cross section of the population. Front of the Meter systems provide more benefit to more people than net metered projects through their scale and public access.

Clean Capacity

Communities and Utilities benefit from clean, firm capacity generated by renewable energy even when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing.

Grid Support

Grid infrastructure is constrained in many places. Building new transmission can be costly and disruptive to a community. Energy Storage Systems can provide lower cost, lower environmental impact, and higher value solutions than other grid infrastructure projects in many cases.

diverse Communities benefit from Energy storage

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