Focused Data Driven Energy Storage System Development 

Investment thesis

Data Driven Energy Storage Development

CPG’s investment thesis is to use a data driven approach to strategically locate and develop ESS projects that capitalize on the unique dynamics of local power markets. 

CPG invests in land positions and utility interconnection positions that leverage the changing market dynamics created by higher renewable penetration and retirements of fossil fuel powered grid resources. 

CPG’s process-driven project development approach efficiently integrates a network of skilled service providers to add value and mitigate risk.

Strategic Analysis of power markets at the RTO/ISO level
utility infrastructure analysis at the Transmission and Distribution levels
Data Driven Real Estate Ground Game
GIS and Mapping Technology Analytics
Financial Modeling
Development, Diligence, engineering
Capacity Power Group Predictive Analytics Engine

CPG’s platform is tuned to rapidly locate and evaluate properties that meet our criteria for successful utility scale ESS projects. 

CPG applies advanced analytics and a robust evaluation criteria to diligence high value properties and deploy focused on-the-ground resources to achieve site control.  

Focused Data Driven Energy Storage Development

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